New „Kitchen Songs“ online: „When This Planet Is Gone“ & „Mirror Me“

And again i added two new tracks to this slowly but steadily growing album. Enjoy!

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New „Kitchen Song“ online: „No Kind Of Reason“

„Shine On My Pathway“ – first „kitchen song“ online!! Check it out!

New solo album „Kitchen Songs“ out soon!!


What a wonderful night at the Jazzdock in Prag!

Thanks to Joe Kucera and everyone else, we had the time of our lifes!

We´re on the „European Blues Train“ again! Join us in Prag at the „Jazz Dock“!

New Don´t You Like Dead Musicians Video „Throw Your Hammer“ out now!

Taken from the Album  „Tales Of A Thirsty Swamp
Arranged, recorded and produced by Don´t You Like Dead Musicians 2015/16


Don’t tell me to be proud of my country – to show some national identity
How could i identify – when racism still exists nearby
Don’t tell me about equality – when deportation is reality
Everybody is talking about integration – when a refugee is still seen as the burden of a nation
What if you throw your hammer – it’s coming back to you
What is the point of human revolt – when it’s just a line of attack of the same old devil
You can’t hide away from responsibility because everything you do you’re doing to me
What if you throw your hammer

(words/music Flo Kern)
© 2016 Roggero/Martin/Kern

Matteo Roggero – Double Bass and Bows
Johannes Martin – Drums & Percussion
Flo Kern – Vocals, Weißenborn, Electric Guitar

Our dear guests:
Adrian Krug – Blues Harp
Maria Schüritz – Backing Vocals

Video Footage:

„Within Our Gates“
produced by Oscar Micheaux (considered the first African-American film director) in 1919
This is the oldest known surviving print by an African-American director.

„Steam Hammer“
by Billy Bitzer 1904

-taken with respect from free archive.

Flo Kern & Adrian at European Blues Train Festival

Der EuropeanBluesTrain kommt nach Leipzig und hält an im Neuen Schauspiel Leipzig!,875

Mit dabei sind am Samstag, 01.10. ab 20:00 „FLO KERN & ADRIAN“ als Support für „LUBOŠ ANDRŠT (CZ) feat. Dani Robinson (US)

Mehr über den Blues Train erfahrt ihr hier:

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