New Weissenborn

Here are some Fotos of my new „Weissenborn“  crafted by the excellent luthier Maik Malguth. Playing on my own Weissenborn has been a dream for years. Now this dream has come true! Seeing it emerge from stage to stage was a real joy. Playing it now – even more!! This sound…wow!!  It is made from „ringed“ Swietenia, a mahagoni-wood from Honduras (sustainably produced).

A „Weissenborn“ is a traditional hawaian slide guitar, played lap-style with a tonebar. It was developed by Herrmann C. Weissenborn who emigrated from germany around 1902. It is a hollow neck guitar,  improving tone and volume because of its larger sound chamber that extended to the neck of the guitar. The sound is special, very warm, dry and sonorous, with sweet highs and deeep bass.

You should check Maiks homepage  or go to his RepairShop in Laucha if you have any interesst in getting a new guitar or any need for improvement on your stringed instrument.

Acoustic Corner

Various „Unplugged“ – projects will appear at the „Acoustic Corner“ a new Concert series at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig.

Neues Schauspiel

The first Show on Th May 30th features the Acoustic Trio:  Roggero/Martin/Kern playing a improvised mixture of Americana, Psychedelic and Jazz.

Matteo Roggero – Kontrabass
Johannes Martin – Schlagzeug
Florian Kern – Gitarren, Gesang

Yo Folks! Check out my CD „Train Ticket“


You can listen to the songs here

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