Flo Kern & Adrian at European Blues Train Festival

Der EuropeanBluesTrain kommt nach Leipzig und hält an im Neuen Schauspiel Leipzig!,875

Mit dabei sind am Samstag, 01.10. ab 20:00 „FLO KERN & ADRIAN“ als Support für „LUBOŠ ANDRŠT (CZ) feat. Dani Robinson (US)

Mehr über den Blues Train erfahrt ihr hier:

Folie 1

Don´t You Like Dead Musicians – new album out now!!!


It took us some time… Now we´re so happy to announce that the album is available as digital download on Bandcamp and will be released on Digipack soon.

13 Songs telling about …the search of the human race for peace of mind getting lost on all the various paths we are so free to choose the moments in between where the rush of the world seems to come to a halt and inspiration can occur in cosmic drips the desperate feelings all the abandoned people are likely to suffer the power to resist cynism where alluvial swamp forests are drying out the meaning still lies in the innocent feelings of a child…

sincerely yours! Flo Kern, Matteo Roggero, Johannes Martin

EvilMrSod & Dead Musicians live at the Blues Festival Altzella

…Mit seiner knarzigen Stimme, seinem Rockerhabitus und seinen etwas anderen Songs war EvilMrSod auf jeden Fall ein willkommener Farbtupfer des Festivals

EvilMrSod & Dead Musicians at Blues Festival Altzella 2016!!



peachpit Kopie

Thanks for a fantastic Blues and Rock Festival Altzella 2015 !!!



Brauhof, Freiberg February 2015

A fantastic evening at the Halunkenburg in Hof!

In the Line-Up of the Blues & Rock Festival Altzella this year!

flyer altzella